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A bottle of Horsepower Vineyards wine

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A bottle of Horsepower Vineyards wine.

What is the aging potential of Horsepower wines?

It may be hard to resist opening your wine; however, the right time to open is when you decide to pull the cork. Our wines can mature for eight to fifteen years, depending on storage conditions.

How should I store the wines?

Store the bottles on their sides in a dark place at 55 degrees.

How soon can I open my wines?

While our wines can be enjoyed anytime, they are best enjoyed after at least four to five years of bottle aging.

Should I decant the wines?

Horsepower wines are designed for long-term cellaring. They benefit tremendously from decanting before consumption.

What is the best way to decant the wines?

  • Stand the wine bottle upright (preferably 24 hours before decanting).
  • Pour the wine into the decanter slowly but steadily, then slow down some more as you reach the bottom half of the bottle.
  • Decant the wines up to 10 years old at least an hour or two in advance. Wines 10 years or older also benefit from a shorter decant of 1/2 hour.